Whatever your project, we can provide you with fully customized batteries. You can therefore fully customize your product in order to comply with market requirements.

For small scale prototype production, Ellan Industrial Limited uses the latest prototyping technology which makes it possible to manufacture a few fully functional samples of the product. This will allow you to test a new design in real conditions.

Ellan Industrial Limited has manufactured batteries of all technologies for a large variety of market sectors and clients. Batteries are an essential component of both portable and isolated stationary equipment. They constitute part of the manufacturers’ costs but also a revenue source once they need to be replaced. As a result, numerous manufacturers contact us to develop a customized battery for their products.


  • Wide range of customizable items
  • Superior quality
  • Securing the replacement battery market
  • Sources of supply kept confidential

Batteries of all technologies:

  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Non rechargeable batteries
  • Lead acid batteries
  • Battery packs

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